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I’m Allison.
Owner and Designer of Allison Designs.

I design websites

Simply put, I started Allison Designs because I love building beautiful websites. And it’s a bonus when I get to work with other individuals equally in pursuit of their passion.

My focus is on working with women-led businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, dreamers, change-makers, and individuals ready to show up and stake their claim in the world.

For many, your website will serve as the first point of contact with your brand – it’s your virtual front door and should reflect your brand, mission, or personality accordingly. Information should be organized in a meaningful way to take your user through a journey. I bring form and function together, pairing captivating visuals and useful information to create a flow that’s delightful to navigate, helping users to understand what you offer, and enticing them to connect.

And, yes, it’s just me. This is a solo operation which means I’m selective of the work I take on, committing to one new client project at a time. This ensures you receive my wholehearted attention.

My background

Before Allison Designs, I spent ten years as a marketing director and in-house designer at a luxury-brand medical spa. I was a one-woman team and did it all: television, radio, billboards, print design, web design, SEO, PPC ads, social media, email marketing, and more. It was a small business that grew rapidly into a multi-million dollar, multi-location operation, and I was accustomed to wearing many hats.

During those years, I also enjoyed the unique experience of collaborating on the creation of a proprietary skincare line. From branding and packaging to marketing to formulating the products themselves, I participated in every stage of the product journey.

In my current pursuits, I draw on years of past experience with marketing strategy and small business growth and development to help companies and individuals to find their voice, establish their brand, and grow their reach.

Me, in short

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, I carry a little bit of the heartland with me everywhere I go. Since then, I have lived in New York City; Durham, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C. (plus a short stint in Melbourne, Australia during my college years). My heart and home now reside in Rhode Island where I live with my husband and two dogs, finding great joy (and many a frustration) in caretaking and restoring our 225-year-old New England farmhouse.

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